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from overusing
your phone.

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The App

Take Control of Your Phone.
Take Control of
Your Life.

Join the revolution against phone overusage.

BreakFree is designed to help you take control of your relationship with social media. Social media has been designed to extract as much of our time and attention as possible, using our own psychology against us. People will spend, on average, 5 years and 4 months of their lifetimes on social media. Social media overuse is associated with depression, anxiety, loneliness, negatively impacted social interactions and work and a general lack of freedom of attention. It's time to BreakFree.



Complete challenges

solo or with friends

Restrict usage of distracting apps

Redeem rewards on

our marketplace

How the App Works


Solo & Friend

You create a 'Day Ration' or 'Focus Challenge' to limit your distracting app usage. You choose your apps you want to limit, invite your friends or play solo, and choose to wage 'BreakCoins' you have earned from previous challenges. 

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Temporarily Block Apps

Our app blocker temporarily blocks your selected apps.Y ou can take breaks from the app blocking, but make sure you do not exceed the break limit you have set in order to win the challenge. 


Redeem Rewards

Winners earn their friends’ coins and can use these BreakCoins to redeem real-world rewards and experiences such as a free rock climbing session or a discount on concert tickets! Our rewards aim at getting you back in the real world. 

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