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BreakFree is a movement of free thinking

To figure out what matters most to us, and to then do it, we need to embrace silence, bear discomfort, and sustain focus.  


Much of our lives are spent acting out of habit, compulsion and what other people expect us to do.  

Receive my weekly thesis on
  • the philosophy of life and existence
  • the psychology behind our behaviours
  • the art of productivity and flow

That's step 1!

Use Your Phone Consciously, Not Compulsively. 

The BreakFree App

Restrict usage of distracting apps

Complete challenges solo and with friends

Maintain your streak and level up

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Block Distracting Apps

During Focus Sessions

For the Entire Day 

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For Distracting Apps

Build Your Streak!

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Stay Underneath Your Limit

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Download and use a good habit tracker
Expand your mind
Pre order the ebook, 'Now'
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