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The App

Use Your Phone Consciously. 
Reclaim Your Time, Attention, and Life.

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BreakFree is designed to help you take control of your relationship with addictive apps on your phone. Social media has been designed to extract as much of our time and attention as possible, using our own psychology against us. People will spend, on average, 5 years and 4 months of their lifetimes on social media. Social media overuse is associated with depression, anxiety, loneliness, negatively impacted social interactions and work and a general lack of freedom of attention. It's time to BreakFree.



Restrict usage of distracting apps

Complete challenges solo and with friends

Maintain your streak and level up

How the App Works


Create a Focus Session

Block distracting apps during periods of focus. You can either block apps instantly or schedule it for repeating sessions at later times. 

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Turn on Mindful Usage

 Block distracting apps continuously, till the end of the day, and unlock for a few minutes at a time with our 'break' feature.

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